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Technologies that were used
The building contractor is Weinberg'93 company. It is a builder-constructor company and its business activities are the supplies of commercial buildings, industrial objects, recreational objects including offices. The main activities are sheathing and roofing of new and also existing buildings, the production of steel constructions. Weinberg'93 is a subdivision of a Hungarian Weinberg'93 Kft company and it works according to ISO 90001:2000 standards, which ensure the quality of all the processes in the company.

The company aims at the projection, production and construction of industrial and commercial buildings made from ferroconcrete and steel structures. The main business activity is its own building activity although due to modern technical equipment the company cooperates with many other businesses.

The building activity begins in projection and it ends with the construction. In the beginning, the projects, plans and graphic presentation are worked out. After confirmation made by client, a montage of ferroconcrete and steel structures of industrial and commercial halls, roofing of buildings can start.

The company is equipped with mobilnými lešeniami a zdvíhacími plošinami that are necessaries for montage and installation works. Distribution of material between manufactory and construction site is carried out by company’s vehicles. Company owns quality machines and laser equipment for measurement.

During a construction we use:
  • pozinkované a lakované oceľové trapézové a vlnité plechy na strechy a fasády
  • kazetové profily z pozinkovaného a lakovaného oceľového plechu
  • sendvičové panely na fasády a strechy z pozinkovaného a lakovaného oceľového a hliníkového plechu s tepelnoizolačnou vrstvou z polyuretánovej peny a ohňovzdorného minerálneho vlákna
  • hliníkové trapézové a vlnité plechy predovšetkým na fasády
  • podnosový oplášťovací systém z hliníka a pozinkovanej, lakovanej ocele
  • hydroizolačné PVC a doplnkové prvky, nosné trapézové plechy pozinkované, lakované ocele

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