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Construction process
The name of building: Polyfunkčná budova Trebišov
Place: Trebišov, p.č. 3694/11, 07501 Trebišov
Building company: Oremus s.r.o., Tokajská 191/5, 07631 Viničky
Project manager: Mars združenie projektová a inžinierska kancelária, Košice
Contractor: Weinberg'93 s.r.o.

Working-out of project: 05/2007
The date of construction beginning: 9/2007
The date of construction finishing: 4/2008
Open ceremony: 5/2008

Basic Data
Obostavaný priestor: 7150 m3
Zastavaná plocha: 550 m2
Plocha miestností: 1512 m2

The intent was to create a new polyfunctional building with banking, health care and administration inside. A building is situated in the centre of a town, on the North side of the central zone, on the crossroad of Kukucinova and M.R. Stefanik street. There weren’t to be done any terrain adjustments necessaries since there is flatland.

The building doesn’t affect environment in the negative way. During a construction all the waste was removed regularly. The same is for building today.

Oremus s.r.o. - výstavba Oremus s.r.o. - výstavba Oremus s.r.o. - výstavba Oremus s.r.o. - výstavba

The keeper of the polufunction building is a builder company – Oremus s.r.o. The user of the building is this company and persons like bank, pharmacy, private doctors and some companies rent space in this building.

As the building is designated for public, it is also built to be wheelchair accessible. To have all the criteria completed, there is a lift behind the entrance.

In the pharmacy spaces there is a room designed for enshrinement of medicaments, medicine, helping substances, medical aids and other assortment with the possibility to enshrine them in a lower temperature according to the producers’ requirements and Slovak formulary. This kind of medicine storage is in accordance with law 198/2001 Z.z. The pharmacy is equipped with a closed container for medicaments that weren’t used.

On the base of project, requirements of these bodies were fulfilled :
  • Mesto Trebišov - Mestský úrad, oddelenie výstavby, územného plánovania, ŽP a mestských komunikácií - urbanisticko-architektonické riešenie
  • SPP a.s. - plynofikácia stavby
  • VVS a.s. - vodovodná a kanalizačná prípojka
  • VSE a.s. - elektrická prípojka

Before earthwork started, a responsible worker had assigned the marking of the routes of ingeneer webs under the earth and other barriers. Workers that made earthworks were familiarized with the kind of ingeneer webs, their routes, depth and protected areas.

All the safe directives of the protection of health in work were fulfilled during a construction.

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