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Company's profile
OREMUS s.r.o. which headquarters is 191/5 Tokajska Street, Vinicky 076 31, was established in December 2004. The main business activity is reality rental connected with providing other services than is the basic services connected with rental.

OREMUS s.r.o. company is the renter of a new polyfunctional building built on the M.R. Stefanik Street, in the Northern part of Trebisov. A building is rented by general practitioners and specialists with private practice, as well as a bank, a pharmacy and small businesses. A great advantage is that there are doctors and a pharmacy in one place.

The building is designed to be comfortable and accessible for disabled persons, that is also why there is a lift behind the entrance. An air condition works in the whole building.

Parking is created by the capacity of 51 parking places including 2 places for disabled persons. Parking place is behind the building.

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